get involved

Become a Volunteer

Street Outreach

Join our team of dynamic caring volunteers who head out on to the street, to pray with and listen to the stories of the women we serve.

Awareness Training

Go to schools churches, clubs, and other events to teach indicators, signs and effects of trafficking locally and internationally.

Counseling & Mentorship

Become a mentor or provide professional counselling services for a survivor. Or join our team of mental health professionals, coaches, and business women and help our sisters live thriving lives.


Support survivors form the sex indusrty and sex trafficking live healthy flourishing with a one time or monthly donation. These funds go towards the running of the organization, care packages, outreach and helping our ladies start healthy, flourishing lives.

Start a T.I.P Club

Get  trained and provided with the resources needed to have an active awareness and advocacy club on your campus. Be part of fighting the scourge, equip your peers. Protect and Prevent


Get Trained

Learn definition, signs and types of trafficking. To participate in this free signs of trafficking course, please register for an account below. If you are returning to complete your training, login below.

Disclaimer: The content of this training is for a mature audience and may contain disturbing facts and images. Viewer discretion is advised

Book a Speaker

Have experts and survivors come to your event. Speakers will  share on trafficking as it affects Jamaica and the Caribbean 

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You could be the only chance a person has to get out. 

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